We owe cows a well-being. She gives us milk and meat, she has a tongue which You can feel and she has kind eyes which You can´t resist. So, it is a privilege to plan homes to cows.

Jouni´s interest to draw barn lay-outs started as a young school boy in 11 years age in 1983. Jouni´s parents had cows and old tie-stall barn, which really needed renovation. Maybe that gave some kind of spark to agricultural acrhitecture.

Kuva1In 1987 Jouni´s homefarm´s barn building project started to be reality. Free stall barns were very uncommon then and there started to be discussion that what if the barn would be renovated to free stall barn. Puzzle with lots of creative solutions in free stall barn design was probably the main reason for Jouni to dedicate to cow barns. He took part in building the barn then, but barn was also expanded in 2003. Today Jouni "accommodates" his own Ayrshire heifer, Upsan, in this renovated barn.

In 1993 Jouni started to study in Helsinki University of Technology, department of Architecture. He has worked during all his studying time as a self employed person and since 2004 in his own Architecture office. Jouni has graduated from Helsinki University of technology, department of Architecture in 2006.

JouniDuring comprehensive school year 1988 Jouni started to do drawings as a part time draftsman to local Agriculture Centre and quite soon, after 2 years, Jouni made his first cow barn drawings of his own. Since 1990 Jouni has planned about 280 cow barns, lots of other dairy farm buildings, some single houses and other small buildings. At first around home area, then in whole Finland and 2006 he has his first project in Sweden.




One big part of Jouni´s work is to be updated with all the newest information about dairy barns. Jouni has had co-operated with Swedish-Danish cow barn design office Agrinova and nowadays also with American Five-G agricultural building engineer office. Jouni has done lots of development work in dairy barn field in Finland. For example he has developed "feeding wall" which turns, when tractor wagon delivers TMR from outside into the inside bunk.


Another development project has been plastic curtain wall -barn ventilation system. Jouni visited in 2004 in Ontario Canada to see dairy barns there and convinced about curtain ventilation. First installation in Finland was Jouni´s homefarm´s new barn in august 2004. After that it has made a breakthrough.